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Veronica West-Harling

Bibliografia degli scritti (1999-2013)

  • Sono indicati i testi scaricabili da Reti Medievali, e segnalati anche altri testi eventualmente presenti nel web.


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In corso di elaborazione:

  • Modernism and the Idea of the Quest (Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Chapters in the Companion to Medievalism, ed. T. Shippey (Boydell and Brewer). - (Download)
  • The Glamour of the Middle Ages: Medievalism and the Heritage Industry , monograph in series co-edited by K. Fugelso (Towson University, U.S.) and C. Jones (Univ. of St Andrews) (Boydell and Brewer).
  • Italy from one empire to another: imperial ideology and political realities in the construction of city identity from Byzantine to Ottonian Italy. The cases of Rome, Ravenna and Venice in the 9th and 10th centuries (Progetto di ricerca sponsorizzato dall’ Arts and Humanities Research Council, U.K (2011-2014).
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