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The texts for RM Rivista, like all the contributions to RM, which share the same Board of Editors, are peer reviewed by reviewers chosen among an independent Referee board, the Corrispondenti or other experts; all texts, anonymous, undergo a critical evaluation on the part of two or more referees, unknown both to the author of the text and to the other reviewers. Andrea Zorzi is the present Editor of both RM and RM Rivista; the latter he has coordinated from 2000 to 2005; since 2005 RM Rivista is coordinated by Paola Guglielmotti e Gian Maria Varanini. 

In its title, RM Rivista reminds only by analogy the traditional communication instrument of scientific production. RM Rivista is neither an imitation nor a translation into computer technology of the structure of a printed magazine; instead, it is an appointed instrument apt to emphasize some characteristics of the communication technologies; exploiting the comparative cheapness in the production and issuing, the accessibility and the widespread of the circulation, it suits a fast updating, a flexible format, a hypertext language, a multimedia edition, an interactive usage and an easy reproduction.

Issued twice a year from 2000 to 2006, since 2007 RM Rivista is issued yearly; it is organized into various sections:

Interventions: short critical essays or texts dealing with an historiographical or research problem, or moving from a recently published work, or discussing problems of cultural politics and publishing; they aim at a scientific discussion open to further contributions from the readers in possible forums. Among the purposes of this section there is also the prompt collection and publication of texts and materials produced in seminars and workshops in order to avoid the waste of the first-hand results of observations and researches.

Essays: traditional research and evaluation texts; they are an original patrimony of RM.

Materials: bibliographical and documentary reviews, outlines of works in progress or of observations arisen in the course of a research. Besides these materials, promptly issued by RM, we aim at collecting the ideas and suggestions elaborated in the preparatory phases of projects, conferences and publications: such a patrimony often gets lost as it undergoes subsequent reworking or is considered of minor importance; on the contrary, it deserves to be known just because of its nature of “open work”.

Archives: organic corpuses of documentary texts or of data drawn from them, structured into specialized archives, originating from concluded or ongoing researches. This section aims less at the accumulation of sources than at proposing and experiencing new forms of presentation of the researches carried on on large documentary sets.

Hypertexts: this section is the most closely connected with the innovative potentials of the new communication tools; it contains hypertext analysis of sources, texts, new forms of presentation of documentary sets or experiments of building hypertexts on medieval history subjects. It aims at illustrating how the new tools may influence the research language. One area of this section may be devoted to observations on the new forms of the text.

Proceedings: this section has been closed while reorganizing the site, and the two Quaderni/Books in which the proceedings were collected have been transferred to E-book.

Interviews: this section opened in 2008, and it publishes interviews with Italian and foreign medievalists.

Reviews: the increasing number of websites and computer publications on mediaeval matters, and the differences in their nature and level, require a critical report and evaluation both on such sites and publications and on the use of the new technologies in humanistic disciplines.

Bibliographies: this section publishes sets of bibliographical references centred upon specific subjects; such sets may be definite or updating; they reflect the paths of the researches of scholars in different thematic fields.

Catalogue: at present this section is devoted only to the updating concerning the doctorate research dissertations (with abstract, indexes and a biographical note on the author) and digital resources; the area concerning books, magazines and the publishing showcase has been closed while reorganizing the site (2006).

Unlike paper magazines, RM Rivista does not publish reviews on conferences; they may be found in the Calendar section of the site (Calendario) where the conference is mentioned.

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