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RM Repertory is a subject guide to the resources available for medieval studies, its top reference being to electronic materials. The proliferation of web sites on medieval history, different in quality and reliability, requires regular updating of such resources to avoid finding oneself in a sort of labyrinth.

Unlike most gateways in the web (often resulting in a mere list of links) RM Repertory neither collects the whole of the resources extant in the web leaving their quality, origin or destination out of consideration, nor restricts itself to report what is available in an electronic format; RM Repertory is structured according to subject areas outlining a general survey of medieval studies combining tradition and up-to-date trends, and offers an integrated picture of digital resources and traditional tools for teaching and research.

The backbone of this section are files on general subjects selected in order to offer a survey on trends in great themes of medieval studies, but files on more specific subjects are also scheduled.

Reti Medievali

Last updating: 1/10/04