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RM Teaching offers materials devoted to the teaching of medieval disciplines. Though mainly directed to university teachers, this section also addresses secondary school teachers, with the purpose of giving a contribution to the connection between specialized studies and teaching and the training and updating of teachers.

Through the publication of sources, reflections on teaching experiences, basic materials and reports on traditional or technologically advanced teaching tools, this section means to offer support and suggestions to all teachers of medieval disciplines prepared to integrate printed materials and highly selected digital resources. Thus, it might also be avoided the risk of collecting low-quality materials from the web. RM Teaching also presents itself as a mean of circulation of works in progress to be used in comparing and discussing teaching organization and methods.

The Sources page publishes collections of sources (of general interest or focused on selected subjects) arranged in an anthological scheme, purposely built up for teachers. Digital editions in this survey are not critically elaborated; yet, texts are offered in a reliable version, suitable to practical use in teaching. For a number of texts a translation in Italian is also available.

The Tools page collects contributions, reflections and reports on methods and materials used in university teaching; particular attention is given to the use of digital tools.

The Debates page offers materials and interventions on the problems of the university teaching and the teacher's training, in relation to the recent reforms, with particular attention to the topics of on line teaching.

The On line teaching page publishes materials, reports and reflections on teaching experiences in medieval studies through the net.


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Last updating: 1/10/04