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RM Calendar aims at being an updated data bank on international historical research in connection with scientific meetings on medieval studies that take place all over the world; it also aims at being a digital archive for essential information not easily available after the end of a meeting.

RM Calendar offers a file for each meeting, containing essential information to which further data (reports, post conference publication of papers, reviews etc.) will be added as soon as they are available. RM Calendar also publishes the programmes of the events if promoters e-mail them to the Editorial Board or if they are already published on the web, and activates links to the web sites of the promoters.

RM Calendar collects information through four channels:

  • Since it started working under the name of Calendario della Medievistica in 1988, a network of editors and co-operators in Italy and abroad regularly reports about events.
  • Reports by promoters are a valuable direct source of information.
  • A regular sifting of major calendars of meetings and seminars reported on the web grants further contributions to the data bank.
  • A dedicated Editorial Board regularly sifts major on-paper journals and magazines on medieval studies, collecting information about reports and reviews on the initiatives archived in RM Calendar.

RM Calendar has also developed thanks to the collaboration of Ecole Française de Rome - Section Moyen Age, Istituto Storico Italiano per il Medio Evo and Scrineum. Saggi e materiali online di scienze del documento e del libro medievali.

Since 2000 RM Calendar has incorporated the Calendario della Medievistica, published since 1988 by the Polo informatico medievistico of the University of Florence, a major international information service in the field of medieval studies.

Regular updating of the site has allowed RM Calendar to record information on about 1,500 meetings that have taken place from 1998 to 2001 in about 30 Countries, thus collecting a most valuable data bank on the trends of recent international medieval research. To facilitate the search in the archive, a dedicated search engine has been activated.

RM Calendar proposes itself as a space where scholars and research centres can exchange information about meetings and activities they are organizing. Please mail information to the Editorial Board following the instructions given here or using the form. Editors of post conference papers, publishers, authors of reports and reviews of seminars and meetings are requested to contact the Editorial Board following the instruction given here.

Prompt notices help to broadcast initiatives; their filing keeps memory of them.

Please notice that:

  • RM Calendar can not be held responsible for the accuracy of data and programmes provided by promoters, unless prompt notice of changes is given to the Editorial Board;

  • RM Calendar will not report individual lectures, lessons of individual scholars or books presentations;
  • since 1999 web site addresses (url) are followed by the month in which the corresponding pages were active;

  • moving of the pages, or address changes - that is those characteristics of electronic texts depending on site administrators - are not reported.
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