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RM Library is a digital library specialized in medieval studies. It allows an easy access to texts and promotes their diffusion.

The library is arranged in three sections:

  • Bookcase collects the most important essays by the scholars cooperating with and sharing the aims of RM;
  • Texts in the Web offers a selection of scientific studies issued in the web, pointed out by RM trough a link;
  • Bibliographies gathers in a page the links to all bibliographical tools published by RM.

All texts collected in RM Library are peer-reviewed by RM Editorial Board.

The essays collected or pointed out particularly concern the opening of new perspectives of research; the introduction to extensive researches; the updating of or focusing on important problems for historical research and reflection; important specialized works.

The purpose is that of building up a cross-section of the different trends in historiography, of the discussion typologies and of the most important and established results in international and Italian recent medieval studies. At the same time, RM Library aims at offering a collection of materials that are not easily available and at promoting a large patrimony of historical proposals, stimulating the integration between traditional print-on-paper diffusion and electronic diffusion.

RM Library is open to the cooperation of all scholars who mean to exploit the potential of digital tools and who share the purposes of our initiative.

A dedicated search engine allows searching Bookcase by title or by keyword.


RM Library is not a publishing house. Its only purpose is the re-distribution or the pointing out of published texts, observing the law in force. In case the on-line diffusion of a text may be prejudicial to somebody's interests, RM is ready to cancel it from its site.


Reti Medievali

Last updating: 1/10/04